XTagManager API consists in:

  • An abstract class CStatApp that must be derived to redefine default behaviours,
  • A set of Global Customizers, by default mapped to class(es) implementing CStatApp in the Customization JS generated by XTag Configurator, but that can be redefined to create another customization model,
  • A set of namespaces and global functions providing powerful tools and capabilities to be used in Configurations NAME columns, or in your Customization JS,
  • A set of Plugins executing the Analysis selected in XTag Configurator, normally not used by Customization JS, but provided and documented for very specific needs.
  • The GA Mirroring Plugin, allowing to activate the dual tracking ATI <> GA, and to control its behavior.

Customization JS

See Customizer Guide.

Mirroring JS

See stat_ga Plugin.


Most frequently used globals

Most frequently used namespaces

  • stat_data : for managing cookies and session/local storage.
  • stat_dom : for DOM navigation and node(s) or data retrieving.
  • stat_link : for click event control and injection refresh.
  • stat_extent : for managing TMS extensions (GA, Tag Commander, GTM).
  • stat_map : for managing Lookup tables.
  • stat_monitor : for managing lazy or delayed content loading.
  • stat_obs : for managing areas' changes observer.