Server Setup

Amazon AWS


Amazon cloud is the cheapest and the most efficient option to publish your Configurations, thanks to their convenient S3 Bucket offer.

There’s no need to be a cloud expert to do so, you just have to follow the provided guidelines below: once your account created, this can be achieved in less than 15mn.

AWS Account

You first need to Create and Activate your AWS account. Note that billing method will be required, so you probably have to involve the purchase services of your company.

If your company already uses AWS, ask your infrastructure team to take care of subsequent steps, then to provide you the necessary credentials on the created bucket.

S3 Bucket


Once your AWS account created and activated, you can Create an Amazon S3 Bucket that will be your owned publication platform.

Once done, use the obtained Host and Bucket to populate the corresponding fields in S3 User Options.


If you are the root user of your AWS account, the best practice is first creating a dedicated user for publication.

Once done, use the obtained Key ID and Key Secret to populate the corresponding fields in S3 User Options.

CloudFront Distribution

To improve performances, it’s better using a Content Delivery Network, that will distribute your Configurations in servers close to end-users, all over the world.

To take benefit of this, you need do so, you need to Create a CloudFront distribution.


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