What’s new?

Version 12.82

February 20th, 2020

Checkmark  Security

All libraries are now set as read-only files, to avoid any accidental modification.

Checkmark  Minor Bugs fix

Fix unproper removal of comments (minified generation removed titles; not minified generation removed comments).

Version 12.81

February 9th, 2020

Checkmark  Sites List

Update command now acts as differential with Shared Sites List: previously, the local list was replaced by Shared one, now only new Sites found in Shared list are added to local one.

Activate Export command.

After an Auto Update, the Shared Sites List is reloaded.

After a Shared location change in User Options, the new Shared Sites List is read to complete local one.

Checkmark  Value Indicator

Beta: add the possibility to make it Upper Case or Lower Case, see syntax in Value Indicator.

Checkmark  SmartTag 5.18.2

Embedded SmartTag has been upgraded to last version (5.18.2), with first party cookies as default.

Checkmark  SmartTag URL

A Configuration can now use a SmartTag URL (generated with ATI Tag Composer), allowing all kind of specific settings.

Checkmark  Certification

All XTag Configurator executables are now certified by Global Sign.

Checkmark  Bugs fix

When a Site ID was used in Configuration but was missing in Sites List, generation was done without warning, and led to no tag raised: now it ends in error with explicit message in Errors logs.

With some old Configurations, new Configuration settings were not recorded.

Version 12.71

December 30th, 2019

Checkmark  Settings

New “My Libraries & Masters” common settings.

Checkmark  Includes

Includes Manager (final version)

Checkmark  Component

New Component manager, a powerful and quick way to setup CTAs configurations.

Version 12.40

September 15th, 2019

Checkmark  Settings

New Settings File management (no visible improvements, for future Profile Manager).

Checkmark  Includes

Includes Manager (beta)

Version 12.30

September 1th, 2019

Checkmark  Git Automation

Git Pull at open time (beta).

Checkmark  Lookup Tables

Automated map sorting at Publication time.

Version 12.20

August 25th, 2019

Checkmark  Git Automation

Automate Clone at first open, and Commit when Publish. Allows intermediates Commit.

Checkmark  Versions

Records all Commits and Publish in a dedicated worksheet.

Version 12.10

August 18th, 2019

Checkmark  Sites Manager

List, New, Copy, Update, Share.

Checkmark  Secured Servers

Automate generation of Secured Servers mapping.

Checkmark  Version incrementor

Automate version number incrementation based on Library version and previous publish.

Version 12.00

August 11th, 2019

Checkmark  Launcher

XTagConfigurator.exe becomes mandatory to open existing Configurations.

Checkmark  Configuration Manager

New, Open, Update, Scan, Share (without manual handling).

Checkmark  Publisher batch

Allow publishing a multi selection of Configurations.


What’s next?

March 2020

·        ATI Sales Insights integration.

·        Miscellaneous SmartTag options.

·        Profile Manager: allows switching between different Publication profiles (Configurator).

·        Modular Publisher, to allow any CDN and Publication target (Configurator).

·        Git Pull at open time (final version).

·        Lookup Tables Dialog for creation and management.


April 2020

·        Definition Wizard: Naming helper for Pages and Clicks (Configurator).

·        GA Mirroring: Level 2 Names automatically used as Content Group default “Section” (Configurator + Library).

·        CSP eval compliance: JS eval replacement by generated code (Configurator + Library).

·        DemandBase as a plugin instead of “Specific” (Configurator + Library).

·        OnSite Ads Manager (Configurator + Library).

·        Master Configuration improvement (Configurator).

·        GDPR Opted-in in Third-Party (Configurator + Library).

·        Import XTag AT Internet Copy as Test Cases

·        S3 Version Storage, for users without Git (Configurator).


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