General Commands

Collapse/Expand control bar


Collapse the control bar when you want to maximize tags area. You can also double click anywhere on it to obtain the same.

You can expand it again by clicking wherever on it:


Note that the last state will be recorded when XTag AT Internet will be closed, so restored when it will be relaunched.


Online guide


Display the Online guide you are currently reading. It will be launched as an independent view, so it will not be closed when XTag AT Internet will be.


Copy all displayed tags


Copy all the displayed tags in the clipboard, in a tabulated text format that can directly be pasted in Excel.


Page URL is copied too, even if not displayed. Each tag is completed with wo additional columns: the original tag (full AT Internet request), and the Data Query URLcorresponding to the tag (to be imported in AT Internet Data Query).



If there are filters activated, for example excluding all clicks, only visible tags will be copied: to get all, ensure checking all categories before copying.


Clear all recorded tags


Clear tags list. All tags are removed, filtered or not.


Copy one tag


Click on copy icon in the time column: tag will be copied with the same format than Copy all displayed tags and the same additional columns (original tag and Data Query URL).


Mouse actions

Show details and advanced parameters

If Detail or Advanced options are not selected, you can Double click with the left button in any column to see all of them.

If they are both selected, the double click hides the Advanced parameters.

In all cases, double-click again to restore the original tag display.


Copy cell value / Data Query URL / full page URL

Right click in any cell (except in the first column) to copy cell content in the clipboard. If you right click on the tag type (first column), the Data Query URL of this tag will be copied. If you right click on page URL link, the full URL will be copied, with its protocol (not displayed).


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